The ASPE was legally established in October 2011 and officially recognized by the Albanian government. It was incorporated under the laws numbered 8788 and 8789 dt. 05/07/2001. It is a non-profit organisation with a formal constitution, headed by a president and led by a five member Board of Directors which ensures overall governance and programs activities. The ASPE has defined its mission as contributing to the development of program evaluation in Albania and promoting the use of evaluation in public and private organizations.

It aims to promote the theory, practice, understanding and use of evaluation through the following specific objectives:

  • Provide basic training and professional development in areas related to evaluation;
  • Identify the ethical principles and standards of evaluation practice in Albaniaand promote their use;
  • Encourage the development of the theory and practice of evaluation by the publication of advances and recognizing exceptional contributions;
  • Organize discussion forums that provide networking opportunities and enrichment of the scope of evaluation (seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.).
  • Promote evaluation (advocacy) and encourage the understanding and use of evaluation;
  • Gather members who have similar interests in evaluation.